Native American Artworks by Kesh-Ko-Sa. Prairie Band Potawatomi Artist. NOTHING IS FOR SALE!!

Native American Artworks by Kesh-Ko-Sa. Prairie Band Potawatomi Artist Online gallery. NOTHING is for sale! Gallery One Pt.1 Gallery one Pt.2 Gallery one pt .3 Native American Links

Bozho Nikon (Hello friend) and Megwetch (Thank You) For your visit to my artworks site.( All artworks are Native made by me)

This is my gallery only!! NOTHING iS FOR SALE .Please do not ask.


My Name is Robert Lara. Kesh-ko-sa in Potawatomi.I am Bear Clan. I am Direct descendant Of Chief Kack-Kack. I was Raised on the Prairie Band Potawatomi Rez by my Mother and Grandmother Elizabeth Jesseppe ( Kuck-No-Qa) . My Mother Is Patty Potter (Ptisa) And My Step-father is James Potter (Wabaunsee) . Both of Whom I am blessed to be raised by. as well as al my many other family members. I thank them both here for all they have done for me in my life and I am doing my best to bring pride to them.

Robert Lara (Officially enrolled Prairie Band Potawatomi. C.D.I.B. Number 2862U06059)

The Artist Robert Lara And His Mother Patty j. Potter dancing at local Pow-Wow